To Garner and Encompass New Markets

Dubai International Marine Club, March 9, 2010 – Lumiglass Industries Inc. (LGI) takes part in the Dubai International Boat Show – the most important and established exhibition of its kind in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Being the only exhibitor from the glass industry, LGI anticipates that the event will reveal probably new market segments to its sales team and will intensify the advertisement of the company’s product line.

LGI’s display stand consists of interior and external solutions such as Priva-Lum, Blind-Lum, bullet resistant glass, and a two axis curved glass fixture along with other noteworthy glazing that may be integrated and incorporated in seagoing vessels. Many of the visitors have literally branded the products as “amazing and remarkable”. Most of LGI’s visitors range from general manager, managing directors, through to CEOs of major ship dealers and builders.

Lumiglass hopes to build a strong relationship with the new clientele. From a promising start of LGI’s marketing campaign; the company now looks forward to join future exhibitions till the rest of 2010 and onwards.



For customers who demand high quality printing on a wide range of decorative and structural projects LGI presents you DECO-LUM – a new innovation in decorative glass excellence!

Manufactured using a unique film, DECO-LUM features exceptional compatibility with multiple lamination interlayer – PVB, EVASAFE (Bridgestone), PU, and Sentry Glass Plus (DuPont). The film is permanently sandwiched between glass panels which provide the substrate additional protection, durability, and longevity. To that effect, the product has also undergone 2000 hours of direct UV exposure with “no shift in tones and colour” thus outperforming other substitute products.

This product has a surprisingly fast turnaround. An order of less than 100m2 maybe generated in 10 working days after approval and sampling of artwork.

DECO-LUM provides you rich colour density and photographic image quality printed onto the glass interlayer. Consequently, 4 levels of transparency – transparent, translucent, opaque white, and mirror/reflective – is also achievable making LGI’s DECO-LUM the ideal choice!